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Harvesting the Hawaiian Sea Salt Beds of Hanapepe Salt Ponds in Kauai Island, Hawaii

Hanapepe Salt Ponds

Hanapepe Salt Ponds is the only place in the Hawaii to make Hawaiian sea salt according to ancient traditions. This labor-intensive process is done by hand, and involves a complex process.

Hanapepe Salt ponds are located on the west side in Hanapepe Town near Salt Pond Beach. The Salt Flats, (also known as the Salt Patch), is a large, flat stretch of red dirt about 200 yards from the ocean that holds the salt beds.

The salt patch is made out of 17 different families. Each family has their own section within the patch.

Season begins when summer starts and ends when the rains come.

Maintaining the salt beds is the first step in the making of Hawaiian sea salt. Smoothing wet mud over the walls of the salt beds, filling cracks and reinforcing the structure of these holding beds. This can take the working families a week to 10 days to perform

Salt water is then fed into the salt beds and eventually evaportes in about 10 days.

The Hawaiian sea salt is then harvest by raking the large, flat crystalline flakes of salt from the base of the bed, and transferring them to a basket then fresh water is used to rinse off the mud, rocks and any other debris

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